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Buy Website Traffic, Boost Your Business

Buying website traffic is a cost-effective way to drive visitors, increase revenue, and grow your business

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Increase Website Traffic, Acquire Better Results

Website traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Your web traffic and search engine rankings are the backbones of your marketing strategy. HQ Traffics is your one-stop solution for all your web traffic needs.

A lot of business owners are confident about investing in high-quality organic website traffic. Getting the right organic website traffic is the key to your business’s success.

We have a team of specialists who have been in this industry and have the expertise to help you drive great results, and we’re confident that we can help you with it.


“Don’t let your website fade into obscurity, increase website traffic and watch your business soar”

increase website traffic

All Niches

All Business Niches

Our web traffic is fully compatible and can be delivered to all business niches or websites.

Huge Networks

37K+ Traffic Networks

We are affiliated with more than 37K+ networks to bring quality website traffic to your business.

Organic Traffic

Natural Website Traffic

Traffic comes from search engines and natural traffic is the best website traffic for any business.

Trusted Tracking

Most Reliable Tracking

Fully monitored via Google Analytics (Need to add GA codes to your website) or via

Better Revenue

Revenue Optimization

Our traffic is optimized to help you get better business revenue and might increase conversion

buy traffic for website
HQ Traffics Features

Buy Traffic for Website With Great Features

Increase organic traffic with these fantastic features:

Cheap Organic Traffic

Real Organic Website Traffic

Better SERP Improvement

Max 3 Targeted Keywords

Max 3 Targeted Search Engines

Worldwide Traffic (100+ Countries)

50%+ USA & Tier 1 Web Traffic

Loss Traffic Compensation

Longer Period = More Discount


Cheap Website Traffic

We’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs seek out traffic for their site at a reasonable cost that won’t break their budget + help them grow.

SEO Ranking Factor

Getting good organic website traffic to your site is crucial to have major search engines rank your website. *Must work on other SEO factors.

Worldwide & USA Traffic

Our website traffic comes from around the world (100+ countries), You can also opt for the USA plus Tier-1 website traffic. (incl. Canada and Europe)

Real Organic Traffic

A real, Organic web traffic source via search engines and interacting with your site’s pages, Visitors are more likely to stay when your website is attractive.


Targeted Search Engine

Up to 3 specific major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. (Search engines can not be changed once the campaign begins)


Targeted Keyword

Up to 3 keywords, either short or long. We suggest using long-tail keywords that are indexed. (Can’t change the keywords once the campaign begins).

buy organic search traffic
Use Case ~ eCommerce, Real Estate, Retail

Earn from selling products or services.

We’ve been in business for a while. In that time we’ve helped hundreds of individuals like you to make a living online. We’re very proud of our efforts and accomplishments, but, here’s the problem we don’t think they’re quite good enough.

It’s time to move on to the higher levels. Get your game up to speed by using HQ Traffics and get going to earn what you deserve!

buy real website traffic
Use Case ~ Blogger, Influencer, News/Magazine

Earn by being an ad publisher on your site.

Businesses and advertisers are searching for high-quality web traffic on their websites and are willing to pay a good price to increase traffic. Publishers on HQ Traffics can earn money by promoting ads from advertisers that are displayed on their site’s content or from implementing email marketing.

Publishers are paid each time a person clicks the advertisement. Start today and begin earning money right away when we land more web traffic to your site!

cheap traffic for website
Use Case ~ Forum, Blogger, Content creator

Be our affiliate or reseller and earn good commissions.

It’s no secret that it’s tough to develop an online company without web traffic. We provide the top web traffic solutions available with prices that have been negotiated to be accessible to all.

The HQ Traffics affiliate program rewards our partners with high commissions for each sale they make and makes it easier than ever before to earn extra money online.

traffic buy
Use Case ~ Startup, Enterprise, Software/App

Bring good impact to your startup portfolio.

As a talented entrepreneur, is it difficult to create content and find quality web traffic to your site or for your startup? Don’t worry! HQ Traffics provides high-quality website traffic at an affordable price.

Whether you need web traffic for SEO purposes or just want to boost your brand or social media platforms, we are here to help. We are fully capable of delivering the best ROI for your marketing budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The organic traffic we offer is genuine website traffic, paid to visit your site.

We work with traffic networks to increase traffic to websites via search rankings.

Our visitors surf the search results and then land on your site via search engines to increase website traffic to your website.

We have many clients who use our web traffic to generate income but we are unable to promise (in fact, none of the traffic service providers will) that your website’s advertising account (including Adsense) will be 100% secure because each has its own terms of service and rules you must adhere to and they will not ban accounts on the basis of traffic statistics only.

The bounce rate of your website will completely depend on the speed of your website and the content.

If you have an extremely fast-loading website with good content, this will help people spend more time on your site and, consequently, your bounce rates will remain lower.

In addition, the bounce for web traffic packages is about 10-20%. In other words, an increase in website traffic is not correlated to an increase in bounce rate.

If you’re looking to boost web traffic, make sure that your host can handle the volume of traffic.
Especially, if you’re using a shared hosting service and you are ordering traffic packages of over 8k daily. If this is not done, your site could slow down because of the spike in traffic.

  • If you plan to purchase traffic from websites of more than 8k visits per day you require at a minimum the VPS option or a dedicated server.
  • HQ Traffics cannot be held accountable for the replacement of traffic if your website’s performance is affected due to technical problems (for instance, your website not being able to hold the additional website traffic that you paid for) when you purchase site traffic and the campaign is in place

The following are limitations when purchasing website traffic:

  • We don’t accept websites that require registration, cost-per-action (CPA) websites, or survey websites.
  • We do not allow the loading of a heavy web page (more than 30 seconds) due to the fact that it makes our organic visitors leave the website before it loads.
  • URL shortening hyperlinks (except are not allowed in any web traffic-related campaign.
  • We don’t accept any YouTube or Vimeo or similar video streaming URLs.
  • For more information, we strongly recommend that you go through the Terms of Service prior to purchasing an online traffic package.
  • HQ Traffics does not permit websites with auto-downloaders and trojans, viruses or malware since they can cause harm to our visitors’ computers.

We cannot promise any revenue, sales or conversion, downloads, or sign-ups (no traffic service providers can).

The only thing we are able to guarantee is that once you purchase web traffic, we’ll deliver the amount you have ordered to your site and give you compensation if you get less traffic than you purchased. (We will boost traffic to your site after the campaign is over in compensation)

Christina, eCommerce Founder

“I have been using HQ Traffics for 3 months now and it is definitely worth the price. I saw that my site has had more traffic and it has helped me rank higher on Google’s search engine!. I recommend this service to anyone that wants to grow web presence.“

Christina, eCommerce Founder

Ricardo Gomez, Startup CEO

“It is a reliable and affordable service that has helped my business grow. They gave me an awesome deal on some quality, targeted traffic that drove a lot of visitors to my website. Would definitely recommend their services to all my friends in the future!“

Ricardo Gomez, Startup CEO

Michael Moore, Realtor

“HQ Traffics is the best service I have used to get traffic to my site. I’ve tried dozens of other services and they don’t come close in comparison. The team of experts at HQ Traffics provided me with great traffic packages, and some good ranking on top SERPs.“

Michael Moore, Realtor
buy organic traffic
HQ Traffics Client Testimonials

Buy Organic Traffic With Conviction

Client success is our greatest joy. We always try our best to exceed clients’ expectations by driving more traffic. Don’t wait, launch your campaign now!

Best Website Traffic

USA Website Traffic

Increase Organic Traffic

Our client's revenue

Around $2,000 revenue in 90 days

Traffic Origins

From Tier 1, USA and 100+ countries

Traffic Sources

Traffic comes from major search engines

cheap website traffic plan

Best Pricing Plans For Cheap Website Traffic

Worldwide Traffic


2000 Worldwide Visitors/day for 1 month

(Equal to around 60K Visitors/month)

  • Cheapest price guarantee
  • Real unique traffic
  • SERP improvement
  • Max 3 keywords
  • Max 3 search engines
  • 100+ Worldwide countries
  • Loss traffic compensation
  • Longer period = Cheaper



2000 Worldwide Visitors/day for 1 year

(Equal to around 720K Visitors/year)

  • Cheapest price guarantee
  • Real unique traffic
  • SERP improvement
  • Max 3 keywords
  • Max 3 search engines
  • 100+ Worldwide countries
  • Loss traffic compensation
  • Longer period = Cheaper
  • **Save 2 Months for the Annual package

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